To equip the local church with

counselling resources for

addressing mental health needs

Equipping the local church with counselling resources for addressing mental health needs in our communities.

Statistics say that less than 10% of our near 57 million SA population can afford to see a professional and yet 1 in 3 will struggle with mental health issues. If the local church wants to offer ‘HOPE’ to the world then we have to start addressing mental health needs in our local communities by investing in effective counselling resources

EDIFY, is a organization, established by Madz Deyzel, founder of Grace Counselling, that seeks to partner with local churches in order to offer hope to our communities struggling with mental health needs. 


Resources such as the popular Wholeness Course, which has sold over 7000 copies in the past few years, speaks into a Biblical understanding of what it means to be human. Why we think, feel and behave the way we do is crucial to growing self-awareness, which is a fundamental building block to good mental health. [It is also available in IsiZulu and Afrikaans.]

The Wholeness Course can be run in a church, small group or one can buy their own copy and work through it in the privacy of their own homes. For more info click HERE.


Small group and community leaders are at the forefront of ‘care’ in the local church, yet very often are under-resourced when it comes to offering effective support to those in their care. Our Coffee Cup Convo - Skills for Effective Conversations is an amazing discipleship training resource for helping build others up in their faith (Ephesians 4:12).


Formal pastoral care ministries run by mature volunteer believers are an incredibly effective resource from which our local communities can benefit. Our Wholeness ModelWholeness Counselling Skills training will give your team a solid foundation for starting a formal pastoral care ministry. For more info click HERE.


(Please note: This training does NOT qualify you to set up your own private practice. EDIFY does NOT endorse individuals, churches or ministries formally charging those who come for pastoral care or support.) 


EDIFY encourages local churches to partner with Christian Professionals for referrals, mentoring & oversight. This is the advice Jethro gave Moses when the needs of the people became too great. 

If you have any questions feel free to email Madz by clicking HERE

To find out where Madz will be training next click HERE

Biblical meaning of EDIFY - "Oikodome"

'The act of one who promotes another's growth in Christian wisdom, piety and holiness.'

Madz Deyzel

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