The Journey

Madz obtained her BA Hons Degree in Theology and Counselling in the UK at the Waverly Christian Counselling Centre and London School of Theology in 2002. It was during that time that a passion for teaching others to understand the interface between theology and psychology was birthed. 

After working as a full-time youth pastor for three years at St Martins Church in Durban, Madz had a clear vision of wanting to start a counselling ministry that strategically would become a bridge between local communities and church, Grace Family Church Umhlanga gave her that opportunity in 2007. It was here that Grace Counselling was birthed, a ministry that Madz founded and established as one of S.A. most effective lay counselling ministries. 


As the director of Grace Counselling Madz focused on the key role of training up lay counselors, assessing counselees who had turned to the local church for counselling aid, and mentoring pastoral counselors from other local churches. Through this process she witnessed a few common themes.

  • Many seek biblical input over and above a professional approach.

  • Most can’t afford to see a professional. 

  • There is a high perception that all pastors are equipped, gifted and skilled to counsel.

  • Pastors are often neither gifted nor skilled in counselling, and over time have become burnt out.

  • Pastors often avoid counselling related topics

  • Church employed pastoral counsellors can’t keep up with demand and too become burnt out.

  • Pastoral counsellors are good at counselling and not traininghence why teams don't grow. 

In 2009 God gave Madz a very clear missional approach of how she could better address the above common core problems by empowering local churches with counselling resources so that they could all offer hope to the needs of the communities that surround them. 


Madz  lead Grace Counselling for nearly 13 years, where she trained up 1000's of volunteer lay counsellors for a large number of churches in the KZN region. As well as establishing a thriving lay counselling ministry at Grace Family Church with over 150 volunteer lay counsellors seeing an average of 80-90 cases a week at a number of sites around Durban.

In 2019 she felt called to take this missional approach national and therefore started EDIFY. Her heart is to see EVERY LOCAL CHURCH IN SA invested in some level of counselling training resources iso that we can holistically offer hope by meeting the needs of local communities.


I believes, over time that this nation can be transformed. 

This is my missional calling – join me!

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