Equipping the local church with care training resources for addressing mental health needs in our communities.


(Self care, Community care & Pastoral care.)

Biblical meaning of EDIFY - "Oikodome"

'The act of one who promotes another's growth in Christian wisdom, piety and holiness.'

Who is Edify?

EDIFY is a organization, established by Madz Deyzel, founder of Grace Counselling, that seeks to partner with local churches in order to offer hope to communities struggling with mental health needs. 


Madz has an BA Hons degree in Theology & Counselling through Brunel University UK & London School of Theology

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Why Edify?

EDIFY is built on a Missional Model Approach to pastoral care & counselling that God envision Madz with in 2009. 




Community Needs: 

Communities turn to their local churches for support when they are in a

spiritual and emotional crisis.


Church Impact: 

Churches want to impact their local communities needs however, they often miss connecting in the emotional crisis due to a lack of counselling resources.

Counselling Resource:

 The resource is two fold.

Firstly, it empowers mature volunteer believers  with pastoral care skills, thus alleviating the pressure off of pastors, who often find themselves overwhelmed with the need.

Secondly, it more effectively serves the local community by being a

message of hope to those in an emotional crisis. 


Madz applied this approach to Grace Counselling, a ministry she started at Grace Family Church in Durban SA in 2007, they now have over 100 volunteer lay counsellors serving  the local community of Durban. 

Imagine the impact if every church invested in some level of pastoral care resources in order to better serve the needs of those hurting around them.

This is the drive behind EDIFY 



Training Levels
First Aid
Level 1


 Change begins by is growing one's self-awareness. 

Madz has developed a number of self-care courses designed specifically to give people tools to grow self-awareness and change destructive cycles whilst laying solid spiritual identity foundations in Christ. 

Courses such as:

The Wholeness Course

Identity Foundations

Healing the Wounded Inner Child

Grief Care

Medication & Mental Health

Your Mind Matters

Blended Families

Into Me You See

EQ 4 Kidz

Jeremiah 17:14 "God, pick up the pieces. Put me back together again." MSG


Heart & Hands
Level 2


Small group & ministry leaders are at the forefront of people's stories, yet most often they feel completely ill-equipped for effective discipleship   conversations, and find themselves getting stuck in peoples stories. 

Therefore Madz developed Coffee Cup Convo - Skills for Effective Conversations is an amazing discipleship training resource for equipping those who have a heart for discipleship.  It is based on the parable of the Wise Man who built his house on a rock.  

The first half of the training uses the components of "the storm, the house and our foundations" as an analogy for life and the choices we make. The second half covers basic processing skills, empowering you on how to get the most out of a conversation over a coffee. 

 1 These 5:11 "So encourage each other and build each other up."


Cross & Heart
Level 3


Formal pastoral care ministries are incredible opportunities for mature volunteers to walk advance discipleship journies with others. 

Madz has developed a biblical framework specifically for pastoral lay carers called The Wholeness Model.  It it a navigation tool to help them work through the complexities of peoples stories whist helping them process their thoughts according t truth and point them back to a right relationship with God.

The Wholeness Counselling Skills Course to equip your team with some practical tools to aid them with pastoral care. 

NOTE: This training does NOT qualify you to set up your own private practice.



Hope Church - George: "Madz is such a gifted teacher & her ministry is a powerful tool to help people find freedom, restoration, healing, renewal and wholeness! She has empowered our leaders with resources that will enable them to have effective conversations with people in their small groups!"


New Life Church - Bryanston: "Madz, did an outstanding training at our church, through this we have been able to raise up a competent team of lay counselors which has hugely impacted the quality of pastoral care we offer to our members." 

St Martin's Anglican Church - Durban: "It has been privileged to have Madz and her counselling ministry close by for a number of years. She is a gracious professional who has consistently offered high quality Christian training and support services to my staff and church members. She has successfully raised the standard in the field of Christian Counselling and I would not hesitate to recommend her and her ministry to anyone."

United Church - Vanderbijlpark: "Madz is a remarkable person with profound insight on how our faith impacts us spiritually, physically, and psychologically! It’s therefore no wonder that the courses she’s put together and the messages she shares are transformational. The Wholeness Course has challenged us at One Way Church to evaluate how the Gospel intersects our lives holistically; giving us practical tools to see growth and change in our lives, and enabling us to have an impact on the lives of others.” 

Zoe-Life - Durban: "Over the years we have had many lay counselors volunteering their time to assist people, in and out of the local church community. One of the major challenges has been consistency in approach and, the ability to manage progress with difficult scenarios. The training that we received from Madz and her team at Grace enabled us to put a base line, or framework, in place that has greatly assisted in establishing some structure, to manage these challenges. Its great training for new or experienced counselors to undergo!"

City Hill Church - Pinetown: "We want to honor Madz and her investment of raising lay counselors, two years ago we have nothing. No idea where to start and what too do, then Madz happened. Today we have a team of 8 lay counselors serving in the life of the church. All we had to do was identify people and send them for training." 

Heronbridge Community Church - Gauteng: "Thank you Madz for the exceptional training our counselling team received from you.The hands on experience we gained has been extremely helpful in equipping us as we grow our  counselling ministry.  All the courses you offer that we have attended have been invaluable.  The content is thorough and professional, equipping and training lay counsellors effectively and responsibly."

Hilton Christian Fellowship - Hilton: "We have worked with Madz for three years and she has been incredibly supportive and open handed in sharing her experiences and resources in setting up a lay counselling ministry at our church and in our town."

Life House Church - Randburg: "The Wholeness Course and Counselling training run by Madz has made all the difference in my confidence as a Life group Leader and Counselor.  The thing I most appreciate about is her down to earth and honest approach when it comes to dealing with people who are hurting.  I have learnt to encourage people to sit in their emotion and their pain with the goal of going deeper to uncover the root of that pain as the beginning of their journey to freedom.  What an incredible privilege."

View Church - Cape Town: "Our church leaders were absolutely blessed by the wisdom and insight shared with such passion by Madz. We walked away feeling more equipped and blessed."

Junction Church - Fourways Gauteng: "We at Junction Church had the privilege of hosting Madz Deysel who presented the Edify Wholeness Intensive Course. We had a great time learning and listening to ways and ideas to use while counselling someone. It also delved into your own life, to deal with your own issues which was very good. All in all it was a fantastic experience and we would host Madz at any time.

The Barn - Boskruin Gauteng: "Madz has given us a baseline for all our Counselling training. Wholeness is a course that should be attended by every Christian to find their identity in Christ. The Wholeness Module & Counselling Skills  equipped our Counsellors to come alongside others and be a paraclete to the needy and hopeless. Thank you Madz for your ongoing support and insightful platforms for ongoing training and development."

Immanuel Church - Durban: "Madz has an amazing  gift for training and equipping counselors and leaders. Your input and passion for training and releasing people and providing ongoing support has been an awesome blessing to Immanuel Church. We are privileged to benefit from your ongoing training and equipping in this field"

Hillsong - Pretoria: "This is truely broadening the scope of equipping and empowering people to counsel but most importantly, the availability to proper counseling for those that can't afford. Thank you Madz, you're a blessed gift to a broken world."

Every Nation - Pretoria: "Madz equipped out team to integrate Theology with Psychology in such a simplistic, yet profound way to reconcile people with their Creator God in the context of their stories. This course has open my eyes and gave me a whole new perspective on how people were created and why! This has impacted me and enables me to help and guide others. I am thankful for what Wholeness has done in my life and our church" 

Olive Tree Church - Durban: "Madz is authentic ,available and lives Wholeness. Her heart for people and their journey to Wholeness is evident in the way she delivers her courses and in hr attitude towards people. We am blessed to have learnt from her and to play a small part in the model that this ministry encompasses.

Hope Counselling - Hilton: "With the training developed by Madz we are able to provide counselling to those on a difficult path, while displaying God's love and grace. Bringing wholeness and reigniting a love for Jesus" 

Shofar Christian Church - Pretoria: "We found it very empowering. A practical approach to counseling in a church setting to reach the community and the congregation." 

Hope Risen Foundation - Gauteng: "Through this Wholeness Course we recognized that God can and will heal all wounds. The hope is that although we deal with such complex trauma, they will leave whole because God will be the ultimate counselor. A powerful trans-formative tool."

New Life Church - Shetland UK: "The wholeness course struck the perfect balance, combining psychology while being fully rooted in scripture, which opened the way for honest, life-changing group discussion.  It was exactly the course we were looking for as a church.  I would highly recommend it." 

Glenridge Church - Durban: The Wholeness Course was an incredible course that I highly recommend to many other churches. I think it is the most thorough theologically sound wholeness teaching course we have seen around.

Leef Gemeente - Riversdale Western Cape: As church staff we benefited quite a lot from the Wholeness model and Counseling Skills courses. These courses not only helped us understand ourselves better, but also helped and equipped us to be much better at Pastoral Care in our church. The courses helped us understand people better and the way they process and behave, and taught us to have more patience and empathy with their healing process. It also taught us valuable skills in how to guide people to greater freedom in Christ and to become better disciples of Jesus.

Urban Edge - Durbanville Cape Town: We don’t have a lay counselling ministry per se, but have multiple pastoral conversations in the course of caring for and ministering to people. This course has better equipped me for pastoral conversations that we have - with leaders and church members and community members. 

Victory Family Church - Empangeni: We have been blessed and empowered by the courses Madz’s has done in our church.

Oasis Church - Howick KZNWe have used Madz ‘s Wholeness course as one of our foundational compasses for pursuing wholeness and maturity in our congregation. The counselling team focuses on the same direction when we deal one on one with people on their individual wholeness journey’s and take. The practical simplicity and access to truth makes this course hands on as well as theologically exciting. It has set us up for success.

Open Skies Counselling - Hillcrest KZN: We can’t recommend the Edify courses enough, We consider these as ESSENTIAL for any staff or counsellors wanting to join a Pastoral care team and the Wholeness course has also been done as a Bible college lecture for our Church and we saw such healing take place within the individuals who participated in the course. 


Logos Assembly of God - Belhar: “I found the Coffee Cup Convo Course to be a very practical tool,” and “The Wholeness Course was well received by all participants and impacted participants very powerfully." I confidently recommend both the Coffee Cup Convo and The Wholeness Course

Common Ground Church - Cape Town: "We are grateful for the Biblical and practical Edify resources and personal presentations by Madz, so useful in the equipping and encouraging of our staff and ministry teams, as we strengthen our pastoral caring capacity and responses towards our congregation members."

Crossways Church - Hilton: "Madz is an amazingly gifted at teaching others how to hold space, the way in which she does training allows growth in each potential counsellor allowing them to be certain of their heart and calling."

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Counselling Ministry: Grace Counselling

Ministry Leader Name: Deb Mun-Gavin

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Counselling Ministry: New Life Counselling

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